How to Prepare Your Car for Off-Roading

June 26th, 2018 by

2018 Wrangler

If you’re looking to go on an all-terrain adventure near Chino, make sure to follow this guide to prepare your car for off-roading.

Model – Before you get started, make sure you have an SUV with the equipment you’ll need, including 4WD or AWD, plenty of ground clearance, a locking differential, and more.

Tires – Depending on how challenging the off-road conditions are going to be for your SUV, you’ll want to upgrade your tires to be somewhere between 29 inches and 35 inches in size.

Lift – Protect the undercarriage of your SUV by getting even more ground clearance with a suspension lift. Make sure not to lift it too high, though, because putting the center of balance too high makes it prone to tipping over.

Suspension – In addition to lifting your suspension, you’ll also want to make sure your vehicle is equipped with specific off-road capable shocks and struts.

Manufacturer Accessories – Get your vehicle equipped with a variety of genuine manufacturer accessories to make your vehicle more protected, more capable, and more fun in off-road conditions. This includes accessories like a hitch, skid plate, roof rack, and winch.

Light Bar – Going off-roading can lead to dust in the way of the traditional lighting you’re used to in a car. Make up for the lower visibility by installing a light bar above the vehicle.

Emergency Roadside Kit – Every vehicle should have an emergency roadside kit, but especially off-road vehicles. Equip yours with important items like jumper cables, coolant, tools, water, snacks, and motor oil.

Find Some of the Best Off-Roading Cars Near Chino Hills

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