How to Jump Start a Car

June 18th, 2018 by

Charging battery with jumper cables

If your car won’t start when you turn the key, you probably have a dead battery. Before you call for roadside assistance, learn how to jump start your car yourself with this guide from our team at Browning Dodge DCJR near Corona and Riverside.

Jumper Cables

  • Set up – Put someone’s working vehicle nose-to-nose or side-by-side with your vehicle, open the hoods of both cars, and turn off both cars. Make sure the cars are in park.
  • Get jumper cables – Take the jumper cables out of your car, or ask someone else if they have a set.
  • Attach the red clips – Put one of the red clips on the positive terminal of your car battery. After that, put the other red clip on the assisting car’s positive battery.
  • Attachthe black clips – Put the first black clip on the assisting car’s negative terminal. Then, attach the remaining black clip as a “ground” to an unpainted metal surface on your car, away from the battery.
  • Complete the charge – After this, start the ignition on the working vehicle, and wait for a few minutes while your battery charges up. After a sufficient wait, try to start your car. If it doesn’t start, make sure the cable connections are on right and try it again in another few minutes. Make sure to leave your car running for at least 15 minutes.
  • Replace your battery, if necessary – If your car doesn’t start again the next time you try to go somewhere, then it’s time to take it to a service center to get it replaced.

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