Benefits of Leasing

Often you may be trying to decide between buying and leasing a new car. There are many benefits to leasing. For instance, you can drive a new car in a couple of years without having to go through the cumbersome process of selling the car. All you need to do is hand over the keys to the dealer and go for a new lease.

Applying Decals to your Car

Want to jazz up your car or even for advertise your business?  Consider getting some custom decals and put them on your car or truck.  Think you might be interested?  Here's a guide to doing it.

Avoiding Accidents

When it comes to travel, road related accidents remain one of the most dangerous. The sheer number of people on the road, multiplied by innocent human error and exaggerated by unsafe driving habits done by far too many, it's not hard to see why. Here are some tips for safer driving. 

Gifts for your Car

If you're done obsessing about what to gift your family this Christmas, you may consider gifting something to your car. Accessorizing your car sounds like a fun idea to try out this Christmas.  

History of 'Car Paint'

Just as the automobile has evolved during its lifetime so have the paints that protect and beautify them.  Not only have the paints evolved from the original natural products to fully synthetic ones, the method of applying them has changed from hand brushing to robotic, automated methods.

Myths of a Stick Shift

The manual transmission hasn't disappeared yet but it's on the endangered list.  As of model year 2014, less than 4 percent of new cars were equipped with manual transmissions.  Despite the low numbers, though, defenders of stick shifts still claim superiority in gas mileage, efficiency and other metrics. Problem is that a lot of it isn't supported by the facts.  Here's a few myths for you to consider.

Pet Travel Tips

Many pet owners enjoy bringing their pets along while traveling. Did you know that there are several safety measures you need to take before having your furry friend tag along? Take a look at our five pet safety tips you need to consider before bringing your pet along.

Become a Better Driver

While you might think you're driving skills are up to par, I think we can honestly admit that we could all do a few things to become a better driver. It never hurts to be reminded on occasion of things we should be aware of when it comes to safety.  

Most Loved Vehicles in America

Strategic Vision recently named the most loved vehicles in America in each segment and five FCA US vehicles took home the title. Strategic Vision is a research company that uses over 35 year of experience to help clients understand consumers and constituents decision making while using their own equations to measure consumer happiness, satisfaction, personal benefits and more.

Mopar Winter Tires and Wheels

Winter is upon us and soon we will be battling the hardships of driving through snow and commuting through poor road conditions that can be slippery and dangerous. It is always important to be prepared and think ahead so that you are ready for that first winter snowstorm.

Dodge Helps Law Enforcement with New Technology

In 2016, Law Enforcement will be offered new technology in order to help improve efficiency while on the job. Uconnect 12.1 has a built-in touchscreen that integrates law enforcement computer systems with the new Uconnect touchscreen system. 

90 Years of Chrysler

Chrysler Brand has a deep-rooted and rich history that began in the 1920's. It all began with Walter P. Chrysler who founded the company in 1925 to fulfill his dream of creating his own company. The brand has created nameplates that have made the brand the icon that it is today. Nameplates such as Airflow, Imperial, Chrysler Six, Town & Country, New Yorker and the 300. 

Get Ready for a Road Trip

It's time to think about having an amazing road trip before you have to worry about your schedule before the holidays. But before you go, you should check and double check your preparations. Are you ready to go, and have you forgotten anything you'll need for your road trip? Here are 9 important things to check and double check for a road trip.

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