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January 14th, 2018 by

Safe Driver

While you might think you’re driving skills are up to par, I think we can honestly admit that we could all do a few things to become a better driver. Well never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few ways that you can become a better driver, and while some of these might be familiar, it never hurts to be reminded on occasion of things we should be aware of when it comes to safety. After reading this, learn more driving and car tips like how to jump start your car.

1 – Make sure you’ve gotten enough sleep the night before:  That seems like a no brainer, I know, but you’d be surprised at how many tired people there really are driving on the road. And a tired driver is an unsafe driver. If you didn’t get the sleep you need and are finding yourself tired on the road, for goodness sake, please pull over and take a power nap if you need to. Better to get to your destination late than not get there at all because you were in an accident.

2 – Know the weather conditions:  Being prepared for the type of weather you’ll be driving in is extremely important. How many times do we hop in our vehicles without a single thought about the weather? Too many, I’m guessing. being prepared to drive in rain or snow is super important, you’ll want to not only use more caution but make sure you have the right equipment necessary (like chains and studs in the snow) for the trip.

3 – Limit your distractions:  Sometimes this is difficult, especially if you have children. But these days drivers are distracted by more than just our kids, we’re also preoccupied with our phones and electronics. It seems so harmless to just reply back to that one text, but every time you do, you’re putting your life and the lives of everyone on the road at risk—not to mention, breaking CA’s cell-phone laws. Don’t do it! If you must text, pull over to the side of the road, or make sure it’s a quick reply when your vehicle is stopped at a stoplight.

If you follow these three helpful hints it will surely make a difference in your driving ability and you’ll be on your way to  becoming a better driver in no time!

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